Tuesday, April 21, 2009

on a roll....with butter

courtesy of Post Secret

Just another week and a half of learning left!
Just another week and a half until I start my *new* job as a Clinical Specialist at my internship! I will be working as an inpatient Chemical Dependency counselor and will be able to pursue my license as a Mental Health professional. People keep talking about "the money" and yes, it's nice but I'm going there for other reasons. One, I want my license. Two, I want to do counseling. Three, it's what I went to school for. So....why not?!

I am planning a reunion with my two friends, Beer and Gym. Although they hate each other, I tend to feel happy when I hang with either one of them but never at the same time. Seriously. That would be a mess. Although one time I did work out drunk and it felt really weird.

Hmmm. Anyways. Gotta get to work now and finish out my two weeks, say goodbye to my kids. That's the part that's going to suck. Being a positive adult in the lives of under served teenagers for over a year and then saying goodbye! I got my master's! See you later!!!

I hope my decision encourages them to follow their education dreams too.


Meg said...

Wow, it sounds like things are really coming together ^_^ Keep us posted on how the new job goes!

totegirl said...

Great news! I'm so impressed! I'm still working on my Bachelor's, but sometimes I think I'd like to continue.

Beer and Gym, huh? I love those 2!