Thursday, April 16, 2009

When one door closes.

When one door closes, you have to hope that the other one opens when you want it to. The one job I've been interviewing almost a month for called me today to say "thanks but, no thanks." A blessing in disguise?

I also interviewed at internship this morning and they are recommending me for hire. Friday will be here and I pray that someone gives me good news and a cheeseburger.

Thank you for the positive feedback re: patterns. I am glad I'm not alone on this one!! I think sometimes we notice patterns when someone else points them out to us, or, when we are thinking in retrospect and we realize that if we tell someone else about it, they look at us funny?

In my clinical work, I tend to talk about issues with food (if it's relevant!) when doing individual sessions with patients. I relate food and binge eating to drugs and dependence. I don't disclose anything personal but I do share a different perspective on addiction. Eating disorders and chemical dependency do have quite a bit in common if you think about it. Both have compulsions for ritualistic behaviors, both are a struggle for the person trying to overcome them. Both have positive outcomes from specific therapies. Both stem from issues with self and family systems. I plan on researching more about the connections when I'm done with school in 2 weeks. I'll let you know if I find anything worth noting!


Managing Life said...

Your pictures look great.

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I was listening to a CD I got from success magazine yesterday. The guy that was speaking is on Forbes 100 richest guys list. He said his mother died when he was 8 and his father brought home a new mother. Essentially his new mother taught his a ton about life, business and investing. One bad thing turned into another good thing. I like the positive outlook.

Tricia said...

That's why I avoid anything that may be addictive.

I figure if I could get an exercise addiction and an eating disorder (both have been taken care of) because of my brain's liking the chemicals, I'd REALLY be screwed if I let my brain know that there were ways to get chemicals that didn't involve sweating or starving.

Monica said...

My first time here! I love this and I love your writing style! Your life seems hectic but lovely! Good luck with the job :)

carla said...

thats the sign of a therapist who is gifted in my opinion.

the ability to relate info to patients in a new which will make them think and trigger ah ha!moments while not reveling anything about him/herself.