Monday, September 14, 2009

on the up

Today, I was back in my element.

I returned to my 10 AM meetings with the WW Leader I like the mostest. Although I didn't do so hot as far as writing things down and exercising (I have a new schedule at work, now I'm Tues-Sat instead of Sun-Thurs) (SOOOOOO NOT AN EXCUSE!!!!!!!!) I managed to only gain .2 lbs this week. I got a little cocky. That little blip on the scale means pretty much nothing to me. Except to try extra hard this week to lose some more weight.

Also positive was a co-worker who also has the same schedule as me. She showed up at the meeting and sat right on down next to me. I guess all my talk about WW made her want to try again too.

I did Pilates at home today instead of going to the gym. It was a refreshing change from cardio machines and walking outside.

In regards to my employment, it was confirmed that I couldn't work for WW if I didn't weigh within the certain BMI range (for me? I am supposed to be between 120-150 poundages). However, I CAN work for them if I am 10 lbs away from my goal with the intention to lose it within a certain amount of time (my new goal was 160 lbs). It is quite very possible for me to hit *my* goal and try to lose the last 10 lbs to be a Leader/Receptionist?!?!?!?!

Before I get ahead of myself, let me lose this last 11 lbs turkey I have left.


Tricia said...

To be honest, I don't like the "certain BMI" criteria. Is being a leader/receptionist that freaking awesome that it's worth "having to" lose 10 pounds?

Me said...

You seem to be have had a good day! I luuuuurv good days! Keep the good stuff up!

Fat Bastard said...

That was a very honest article.

MizFit said...

HOME PILATES: did you do a video? which one?

and dont get me started on the BMI.
according to that notion Im over weight as is my child...