Monday, September 21, 2009

the real skinny

This may sound completely ferklookey. For the last TWO days, I have been craving ice cream. I whined about wanting ice cream yesterday at my boyfriend's house. "I want ice cream," I said. They didn't have ice cream, so I settled for a Lime Fruit Bar instead. "It's cold and it's better for you," he said. I ate it, then eventually ate some Buffalo wing flavored pretzels, sour cream and onion potato chips and a hot dog with onions and relish on it. We watched t.v. most of the day and EVERY single advertisement for food that came on, I wanted some. Even though I know how horrible Pizza Hut pizza is, I salivated at the thought of that stuffed cheese crust.

This morning, I still wanted ice cream. And pancakes. I had some errands to run. I actually went to WW and got on the scale. Even though I gained some weight back, I know that I am retaining water this week and I seroiusly ate salt like it was going out of style this weekend. I got my nails done, went to the doc's and then I went to the gym. I did roughly 25 mins of cardio on the elliptical.

I was hoping that my elliptical time would banish my craving for ice cream. Hope failed. However my dearies, I am happy to report that I drove to my nearest Stewarts and got myself one scoop of Brownie Cookie Dough ice cream. It was heavenly.

YES, I am aware that I just undid my 25 mins of sweat and then some. YES, I gained weight this week and didn't really need that cone. But holy crap, I feel better. For many reasons....shall we?
  1. I actually waited out the craving to see if it was real or just a passing fad. It was real.
  2. I unconciously exercised before I made the choice to get the ice cream. Thus kind of softening the blow, if you will. I moved to get a star/sticker on my calender!
  3. I am actually happy that I did something that made me feel better instead of making myself miserable by not giving in.
  4. I ordered (1) scoop on a cone instead of getting a pint to bring home. Ice cream craving squashed, integrity intact.
  5. I realize that maybe I am needing some extra calcium, since my cravings today revolve around dairy products such as ice cream and pizza cheese. Internal body cues are wonderful!
Behavior and thinking patterns changing for the better: check!

What are you doing/trying differently these days?


Dawn said...

eat more calcium...your body is craving calcium. but make sure to take calcium with vit D in it.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

good for you! im SO BAD at waiting out my cravings. ill actually go buy stuff and then they are gone by the time i get home, but i eat it anyway. wow, thats bad of me.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

good for you! im SO BAD at waiting out my cravings. ill actually go buy stuff and then they are gone by the time i get home, but i eat it anyway. wow, thats bad of me.

kristen said...

I, too, have been trying to wait out the craving for a little bit to see what it is I really want. Out of habit, I'll usually grab a small snack or handful of something before I drink some water to see if I'm really thirsty instead of hungry. That's hard to break. However, like you did with your ice cream, it's MUCH more satisfying to have a little of what we're craving instead of "eating around the craving," possibly ingesting more calories than necessary.

Me said...

Good for you! You made a very good choice.
That's what I'm going to do this week, making the right choices. This weekend, when I get my sin bit for the weekend, it will be no choc raisins, but lovely, more healthy nuts!

A said...

I just saw your comment on EveryGymsNightmare. It made me laugh! Just thought I'd stop in to say hi! :D

Rockin Austin said...

That is good progress this week! We used to have a Ben and Jerry's down the street, which was good/bad, the good that I could get just a scoop, the bad being that it was RIGHT THERE! :)

a little R and R said...

I see nothing wrong in acting on a craving every now and then. If I don't then I end up eating the whole house clean, when really I just wanted the ice cream. If it made you feel better that's all that matters.

Miz said...

Im bad with the cravings and in a way by choice.
FOR ME I learned Id eat everything else in a way to focus away from the cravings and still end up eating oreos.

I could take a page or 3 from your book....

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Cravings are so hard to deal with and it looks like you are really improving by waiting out the craving. That's something I really need to work on that myself.

auntie said...

you rock!!