Monday, November 23, 2009

no negatrons here!

OK, I got a hint last week and I tried incorporating it. Stay positive! Things could always be worse.

My result? I ate out a LOT this week with other people and didn't really exercise, even with the best of intentions. I skipped WW meeting today because I didn't feel like basing my great week on a number.

My week was busy and delicious and helpful for me. I socialized with people, instead of running straight home after work or staying in my office during the day. I quite possibly hide from these situations to avoid making nasty choices on the menu? This week, I got invited to go out to eat with people who wanted to share a meal with me. Even if it was impromtu salad bar at the supermarket. THAT felt good.

So I am still disappointed in myself for a majority of my choices, and I have a set back in my goals. But if we focus on the positive, I did make memories while I made stretch marks.

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Me said...

Good memories are worth a lot! You had a good time, that's ok. So you'll get back on track somewhat later, but it'll happen!
You can do it!