Wednesday, November 11, 2009

one six nine

I have been doing well at plateauing!

My body (AND MIND!) is hovering around 170-171 for the last few weeks. By weeks, I may mean months at this point. My gym motivation has waned and people have been inviting me out for food and fun, so I feel obligated to go.

But the scale stays "stuck." My mind makes excuses for not working out and justifies the eating/drinking. And I stay within this range, which honestly is not so terrible. Except that I really WANT to lose 10 pounds and not pay Weight Watchers anymore.

I'm looking for some of your motivation to keep it moving, especially as the holidays roll around AND I'm still not smoking.


nic said...

Just say "it's JUST 10lbs." Because really, that's not a ton in the grand scheme of things. What would that take, 6 weeks of total dedication!?! You could do it by the end of the year. Just make the concscious decision to sacrifice now and celebrate later.

Me said...

And you're asking me? The woman that is going through a motivational crisis right now? LOL
All i can say is I know the feeling. I'm trying to get back some motivation by make some mini goals. Small changes.
No desserts any more.
Only weigh once a month, to keep frustration from setting in.
Start running again. - SO i will, in an hour or so. For the first time in a month. Due to injuries.
I'm hoping this will work, but as we get closer to Christmas....I dunno.
Let me know if you figure it out, won't ya?

Meg said...

Oh MAN! Motivation around this time of year is hard to find! I'm in the same boat, what with my gym buddy to sick to run, and the weather too nasty to run outside (and also nasty enough to convince me that I really *don't* need to leave my warm dry apartment.)

But I agree with "Me". Small changes. When you go out to eat with people, cut your portions in half. I use this trick when I'm dragged out to greasy spoon diners. Sure I'll get the burger, but as soon as it shows up, i cut the thing in half, also, see if you can get the (usually pathetic) house salad substituted for fries. Or give away half your fries to a hungry friend.

You can do it! ^_^

Rockin Austin said...

I so know about that 'last 10 pounds' and I've been working at it FOREVER. However just recently the scale has started to move again. I lost 7 pounds recently (within a 2 month period)from doing these things (well, I THINK it's from these things!):
- Only eating out one dinner a week and two lunches a week
- I'm exercising for one hour (swimming and cycling) 3-5 times a week (usually 3-4), but nothing super intense
- I'm relaxing and telling myself that I am where I am right now for a reason (life in general) and that my happiness is not tied to a specific number
- I listen to my body, really, really listen and when I'm full I stop eating...even if there are fries, bread, cookies etc. in front of me. (This one took years to master, but I worked at it and continue to work at it)
- I continually tell myself that I have a choice, I can have the ice cream, I can have the burger...just not the burger directly followed by the ice cream!

And remember that holidays happen every year. Have what you really want, but the stuff that is here every day...skip it. You can have it in February. :)

fattygetsfit said...

thank thank thank yous!