Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the pizza cure

Right now I am drowning my sorrows in pizza. I just ate a chicken marsala slice and am currently indulging in a spinach roll (seriously, so much spinach in this thing) with marinara on the side. (Ok, not terribly unhealthy, but still) This is the first time in a long time (if at all) where I am eating on purpose because of my feelings. Usually, when I'm down, I starve myself to near to death. Right now I am filling a hole. And getting fatter (to add to today's crappy mood, I gained ANOTHER pound back) *(gross?!)

Today, I gave my 2.5 weeks notice at my job. Instead of feeling awesome, I feel downright lousy. I SHOULD be celebrating. I SHOULD be jumping up and down for joy, but I feel icky and guilty and then foolish for feeling icky and guilty.

This new job appears to be a better gig overall. My main reason for taking the position is that there is more room for advancement at the new place. Add a significantly larger salary, use of a company car instead of my own, a free gym membership and an 8-4:30 five-days-a-week-no-matter-what work day and it's pretty clear that I've made the right choice. I love my current (soon to be former) agency. I like my co-workers (most of them) and I love, love, love my kids. But the time is right to move on. The pros outweigh the cons.

Well, now I'm packing up my stuff and heading down south to mama's house in a little while. It will be nice to eat food and see my best friends from home. I will do my best to behave tomorrow. But my bestfriend's mom makes an amazing T-day meal that I probably won't be able to resist.

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Rachel..... said...

I am happy for you but sad for me. Congrats on the new job. I will missss you! What will ABOS do without you?

PS. Anne Marie said to me today: "I am so sad Jillian's leaving! We were just getting to be like best friends!"