Thursday, December 27, 2007

exercise is not an option

SO this week I was disgusting.

My weight watchers tracker is filled with FATASS, FATTY, and GROSS on all of the days of the week. Friday, I ate a ton. Saturday, I ate AND drank a ton. Sunday, I ate a ton of Chinese food in morning and didn't eat for the rest of the day. Monday, my intentions were good and I still managed to eat like a slob. Tuesday we will not mention, but I was definitely "jolly" at my best friend's house (I figure I only get to eat her mom's Christmas meal once a year). Yesterday, I was kind of good and so far today I'm doing well.

But I don't feel like exercising.

Or weighing in tomorrow.

I have exactly 1 week to weigh 160 or less and I don't think I can get it. I have really disappointed myself. Maybe once the holidays are over I can stop this cycle of trying not to eat, then feeling guilty because I overdo it? I'm almost tempted to just stay in this range and give up trying to lose anymore, because my body is obviously happy at 164-167 lbs.

OK, OK, fine I'll weigh in tomorrow morning.
But I can't promise I'll post the weight if it sucks.

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