Friday, December 7, 2007

Last day of work

Ahh! Today is my last day of work at CMS. The feelings are bittersweet. I'm happy to move on, but very sad at the same time.

This week, people have been taking me out to lunch. Tuesday, I went to Junior's and ate HALF of a Chicken Cordon Bleu panini and amazing french fries. Instead of eating it all, I gave the other half of the meal to my pregnant co-worker, who's baby needed it more than I did. That night, I had a cup of yogurt and a granola bar for dinner. Yesterday, my program had a pizza party for me. I ate a slice of sausage pizza, a slice of broccoli and had 3 wings and lots of M&M's. I came home and ended up eating a salad for dinner. I had a little bit of a hunger pain, but I ignored it because I knew it was not for real and that I just wanted to eat something bad. I got a sticker in my meeting for eating wisely this week. I wish I had more time to exercise.

(Kristen & I, 11/30/07 @ Appletini's)

(Tina & I, 11/30/07 @ Appletini's)

(Work Mom & I, 12/6/07)

(Michelle, my boss & I, 12/6/07)

So, this week I lost another 1.4 lbs off my holiday weight gain and I'm in my happy place again. I don't know if I would say HAPPY, but a more comfortable place. I definitely feel better at 164 than I did at 167. Those 3-4 pounds make a difference in my pants.

Arms: 11
Hips: 38
Waist: 32
Weight: 164.6 pounds

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