Friday, December 21, 2007

things things thingies

My room is a mess. I have some last minute Christmas gifts to buy. BUT...I am exhausted. This new job, these new hours, are kicking my ass. For real, yo.

In other news, I lost 2.6 pounds this week. At 7:30 this morning, I was back down to 163.2 lbs. By 1 PM this afternoon, I think I gained 8 pounds back. We had an office "Holiday" Party and I ate like a slob. Boy did it feel good. I worked SOO DAMN HARD to lose weight this week, I was not expecting a 2.6 loss at all.

Consequently, I am not eating dinner this evening and I will lay in bed and relax alllllll night. If I get a hunger pain, I know it will be purely psychological and I will ignore it. I have noticed the very beginnings of defined abdominals and that I don't sweat when I work out. This could either be that I am not working hard enough ~OR~ that it's fucking freezing outside.

This week, I resolve to exercise at least 4 times (possibly tonight if I get anymore energy), NOT overdo it at Christmas at Meg's house and to keep up the good work of still not smoking cigarettes (its been approximately 14 days since I bought any!)

Tomorrow, Adam and I drive out to Corning to see Alexis for her birthday. Today was my only bad day, and tomorrow the only bad thing I will do is drink. Because I have a goal to weigh UNDER 160 by the new year (or 1/4/2008 which is the weigh in day) and I have 2 weeks to get there.

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