Sunday, April 20, 2008

fatty fatty fat fat

Summer is approaching quite quickly. Quicker than expected. Short sleeve shirts and tank tops and bathing suits. My flabby arms, jiggly belly and loose thighs exposed for the world to see.

I like being healthy, I like looking good but I am semi-not-so happy about the lack of clothing involved with warmer weather.

I am not complaining for compliments, I'm just saying, that you can lose all of the weight in the world, exercise every day of the week and still be a little self-conscious about your body.

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Jacqueline Carly said...

Jill!!!!! Hey baby! A. sent me the link to your site - you are freakin nuts! I love you!
I am putting a link to your blog on my site
Stop by woman or email me:

Super huge hugs!!! xoxo