Thursday, April 17, 2008

not much more

I will start by acknowledging how tired I am. This week has kicked my ass, and I still have one more day to push out. I wish I had the energy to write more tonight, but I'll try, because today is a big day.

Today is important, because, for the first time since middle school possibly early high school, I weigh under 160 pounds.

158.8 pounds to be exact.

Soooo, I've lost 35 and I still have 10.8 to go until I'm at goal. And then my blog will be about MAINTAINING @ 148 lbs and not complaining about how fat I am.

So I wanted to share, with you, that in the last month I've lost about 6+ pounds (3/20-4/17) doing the Wendie thing. I didn't get to exercise AT ALL this week and I dropped 2 lbs.

This week, I resolve to make a little time for activity. The weather is getting nicer and I am hoping to be down these last 10 pounds by July 4th.

See less of me (and you!) later...

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