Tuesday, January 8, 2008

ahh yes....now i remember

Today I realized that for the past several WEEKS, I have really not been following Weight Watchers. I've cut down the calories by HALF of what I was consuming starting on Monday (this weekend was still holiday season?) and the hunger pains are b r u t a l. I sit at work and listen to my stomach grumble because it misses all of the food I was eating and not recording. I see NOW how I was cheating. I feel like I did when I first started Weight Watchers a few years ago. My body is literally in withdrawl from calories. I've put in some exercise time every day since Friday. I'm not cheating anymore. I think I got my mojo back, although I'm going to miss eating a lot.

I'm hoping that by this Friday, I will have put some sort of dent in my holiday weight gain/plateau and by February 1st, I will be under this stupid 160 lbs mark.

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