Monday, January 14, 2008

a goodbye letter

Dear Fat-Self,

You're going to find this hard to believe, but things are officially over between us. We've been together for years now, but this relationship just isn't working for me anymore. You've been with me through thick, and uh, not-so-thin. I appreciate all of the times you kept me warm and padded. You've taught me a lot about life. You've protected me from people paying attention to how I look by hiding me beneath extra adipose. But in reality, it's time we parted ways....forever.

You've been the cause of a lot of pain and insecurity in my life. You've are the reason for a lot of tears and you've ruined shopping for me on more than one occasion (THAT really really sucked). You've made eating a criminal act and forced me to feel guilty about what I consume. And to obsess over what I eat. NO MORE. I refuse to let you stand in the way of my goals. I'm tired of how you make me feel. Our relationship was very unhealthy for me. I'm moving on.

I will always remember the years we spent together, but I will never be with you again.

Sincerely NOT yours anymore,

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