Tuesday, January 1, 2008

my new year's revolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It's really, actually 2008! I can't believe how quickly this year went by. January is the month I decided to join Weight Watchers again. I'm hereby setting a goal to be somewhere in the 150's by my birthday on 2/28/08. I know I won't be under 160 at Friday's weigh-in, but I'm going to try by February at least.

I now present:

The 10 *REAL* Reasons why I want to lose the rest of this awful weight...

1. To be as healthy as possible
2. To look good naked and in a bikini!
3. Get Weight Watchers for FREE
4. Be a WW leader someday!
5. Go down another size in clothing and get all new smaller sizes!
6. To feel as confident and sexy and attractive as possible.
7. To prove to myself that I can actually do this
8. 3 words: little, black and dress
9. Because I want to weigh less by the time I’m 24 than I did when I was in 6th grade.
10. To eat out of hunger and not out of boredom or emotions.

FYI- I printed out this list and hung it up on my wall.

Also- I am planning on switching my weigh in days, as this Friday morning thing is NOT allowing me to go to meetings and I'm struggling a little I think. I might go on Sunday mornings, so that I start behaving again on weekends.

AND- I recently purchased (OK, well Adam purchased but I picked out) Billy Blanks Tae Bo AMPED!: Rockin' Abs, Rockin' Buns and Sculpt Express DVD set. I'll do them (eventually) and report back to you (if anyone besides Rhonda still reads this!)

(Just wanted to show it off)