Saturday, January 26, 2008

here we go again...

Really. Here we go again. This is the week to make it happen. Or fail, again. Goshdamnit.

I weigh 163.2 lbs. After really working at it, but still half expecting to gain again I lost 1.4 lbs. total for the week. That is good. Now I have to behave this weekend (last night, I saved up points to go out to dinner with work mom and ended up going OVER that) Even though I ate a really delicious Right Portion, Right Price Meal, which was just enough food to make me wasn't the healthiest choice. I still had half of what TGIF's would normally serve a person. Kudos to me for at least trying.

I also got sugar free juice packet mixes that have added FIBER! Amazing for my little "problem."

So, by February 1st I had set a goal to be 160 or under. That means I have 1 week 1 WEEK to lose 3.2 lbs and finally make the friggin goal I had set for myself to be by November, December, January.

Losing these last 15 pounds is going to be awful. Work Mom (who is also an RN) stated that in order to lose like I was, I'm going to have to eat even less and exercise even more because my body is TOTALLY maintaining and is happy at this weight right now. I've been here for months.

I've also gotten a little bit "bulky" as of late with all of the weight lifting I've been doing. I must slow down and get more cardio into my life. I have the muscles, believe me. I just have about 15 pounds of extra hovering over the muscles, like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. (Yes I just compared my fat to a green lady on a broom)

What have you learned today:
  1. Jillian lost 1.4 bringing her down to 163.2 again...which could mean that she kicks this week's ass and loses weight, or fails miserably and gains a pound again.
  2. TGIF offers 1/2 portion meals that are tasty and not in any way healthy but at least it's half the price/amount
  3. Fiber water juice makes for more regular bowel movements
  4. I have to workout even harder (with no time to actually work out, as school and work and apartment searching are wearing my time into nothing)
  5. My body is a wonderland. No, my body is Oz and Fat is the Wicked Witch.
  6. I have 1 week to lose as much weight as possible and achieve the goal that I have continuously set back for the last few months.

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