Tuesday, January 29, 2008

double veggies

Kudos to me moment:

On Saturday night, Adam took me to a fancy shmancy eatery called "The Cock & Bull" (I swear to G-d that's the name of the place) for our 6 month anniversary (can you believe he lasted this long?!?!).

It's basically a steak and seafood place, with lots and lots of not-so-healthy sauces and sides. Since this week is 160 or bust, I was on a mission: eat as healthy as possible.

I started with a bite or 3 of Adam's pickled herring (vinegary herring meat, covered in sour cream and onions and very much a Jewish food) and then ordered a French Onion Soup, which surprisingly is not terrible for you. Then I had a spinach salad. My entree consisted of a veal chop with sundried tomatoes and garlic sauce. So amazing. And...instead of having veggies and a starch (cheddar cheese/bacon mashed potatoes, jasmine rice or something else sinful) I had DOUBLE veggies.

What a great idea! I ate all my green beans and by the time I was done, I could barely touch more than 1/3 of my veal. I filled up on reasonably healthy appetizers and did not overload on anything else. Didn't even have dessert. But I did get a tasty bite of Adam's mashed potato disgustingness that I totally would have consumed if it wasn't his. Or if I wasn't trying to so hard to lose weight.

2 more full days to see how I managed this week....
and less than a month to shop for my birthday

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