Friday, February 1, 2008

a great weight update

The dreaded plateau is looking to be on the decline....
As of 7:30 AM this morning, the scale at Weight Watchers said:

162.6 lbs.

Put THAT on a bun and eat it.

(Although I am EXTREMELY pleased by weighing almost 31 pounds less than I was when I started, I am not celebrating just yet. I still have 2.6 pounds to lose until I reach my goal of 160 OR BUST, and 14 more to lose before I'm done. And I was supposed to be 160 by now, but I am certainly excited to be the lowest I've weighed since high school.)

Happy weekend everybody!


Anonymous said...

yay Jillian! You're my hero! (although I must say I'm not going to be in weight loss mode tomorrow during Superbowl - if you are then more power to you!!)

Rhonda said...


Rhonda said...

p.s. happy year of the rat