Thursday, February 14, 2008

"There is no love sincerer, than the love of food."

I had a good week personally, but a bad week diet wise. Someone asked me this week, why I pay to lose weight. The answer my dears is very simple. If I dieted on my own, I would not be successful. And if I were to be successful, I wouldn't be nearly as much so, if I didn't do Weight Watchers. I plan on doing WW for the rest of my life. Once I get to goal, it will be free.

In other news, exercise is becoming a chore that it difficult to accomplish on limited time. I have muscles, I have some definition. I NEED to get more cardio into my routine but have no way to really do this effectively. To get results from the cardio, I would need to put in at least 30-50 mins to get significant ACTIVITY POINTS from WW. Right now I'm doing my Pilates/Tae-Bo DVD's to at least say I'm exercising. Until the weather gets nicer, and I can walk/run outside, it is difficult to get real movement in. It's so cold outside and I'm exhausted when I come home. When I try to wake up early to work out, I am still sleepy and can't motivate myself. Once I figure out how to beat this issue, I will update you.

Also- my body image is still hard wired to feel imperfect. I was talking today with my co-worker who also does WW and I told her how I would be nervous to wear a two-piece in public, despite the fact that I've lost weight. I then pulled up my shirt, to show her how there is some "loose-nessiness" on my belly. I proceeded to walk around her office showing how my belly jiggles, even though I have the very slightest of beginnings to defined abs. (awkward?) She told me if overweight women, and women who have post-pregnancy stretch marks can wear a bikini then I should too. I then came to the conclusion that no one is really staring at my imperfections like I am and that I need to get over this.

Still debating whether or not I weigh in tomorrow, after a fattening week overall.

***UPDATE 10:30 PM*** I am officially a size B in pantyhose! Weird to mention, I know, but it felt good when I bought tights, to not be a Q (I say Q for Queen Sized)

Oh and I'm totally not weighing in tomorrow. I need a vacation from dieting this week.

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