Saturday, February 9, 2008

babies, babies everywheres!

Lost .2 of a pound yesterday, meaning I'm still 162 pounds, which is awesome. I'm really happy that I had 3 weeks of L O S S and not bouncing up/down/all around. I weigh 162.4 and that's fiiiiiiine with me.

In other news, today I have my friend Sally's baby shower ( I seriously can't wait until the day I get presents for being knocked up) I'm anticipating food to be at said event. I am slightly nervous to go to said event, because I know I will eat food. If I eat too much food, I will get fat again. I don't want to be fat ever again (unless we're at a party for me being preggggo)

Yesterday, I indulged in a Dunkin Donuts Bagel (with only half the container of cream cheese, which I had asked for separately and shmeared across my bagel while simultaneously driving to work) and last night my friend Laurie Ann and I went to Bombers for dinner. Bombers is not healthy. At all. Soooooo I'm going to try to remember that I want to be making HEALTHY choices today and not overeating.

Wish me luck!

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