Thursday, March 20, 2008

fatty was a failure

Against my BETTER judgement, I weighed in this afternoon in an attempt to punish myself for binge eating this week.

Point taken.

I GAINED 2.6 pounds back.

Hello 165, I've missed you so much. I haven't seen you since January 4th. Now we're dear friends again until I can dump you.

This week just sucked. I was trying to fill what felt like a big hole with food. I have never done this before. I ate all weekend. I ate all day on Monday. Around Tuesday the binge eating slowed down and I resumed "normalcy" which is "starving" or "food deprivation" for most people.

It's not that I can't eat on Weight Watchers. I believe firmly in the program, I know it works. I just felt so helpless and consumed by filling up my stomach and my feelings of emptiness this week and I couldn't stop. I barely exercised. I feel like a fat load of crap.

So I switched up my weigh-in day to Thursday after work, which will hopefully make things different enough that I can behave more on the weekends. I might even go back to Monday weigh-ins once school is over. And I will make more time for working-out or at least trying to.

On a happier note:
Sally had the baby. Liana & mom are doing well. Ain't she BEAUTIFUL???

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