Monday, March 24, 2008

the wendie plan

So...OPERATION: Lean Cuisine or bust was a failure.

But, last night I found this:
the wendie plan

Not the golden ticket, but a really good idea.

I figured that I have 22 points a day (I should eat 23, but I am trying to LOSE weight)

Each week, I should ideally consume: 154 POINTS (22x7=154)
Plus the additional 35 POINTS: 189

189 is my magic number. By the end of the week, I will eat between 154 and 189 POINTS. I never thought of the fact that I could do whatever I wanted with all of those points, as long as I had 189 used. This Wendie chick might have a plan that will work for me. It's a good read, especially for those on Weight Watchers already or those who are counting calories.

Im trying it half-assed this week, and going to really try it after Thursday to see how I do. I'll keep you posted!

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chicky76 said...

I am gonna try thr wendie plan this week and I hope it works. let me know how you do on it. I have been on WW lost 60 pds and I have gained it all back. I wanted to try something new and found this.