Sunday, March 9, 2008

to HEK

Dearest Hollisandra,

I will get my *shit* published when I'm done pursuing graduate studies and am bored out of my mind. I don't really know who would buy a book about my weight loss... but I will print this bugger out, autograph it and send it to you in the mail with a lipstick kiss on the cover. Plan?

Friday I ended up gaining .8 back, so I weigh 162.6 which is not a big deal. Last weekend was my birthday, I ate a lot and I quit smoking for the 30th time.

This weekend, I ate Japanese with Ms. Crouse for our Annual Sushi Social at Ichiban's. Last night Adam and I went to a fancy Indian food restaurant and he ordered whole wheat "nan" (bread) for me to eat. What a keeper!

Yesterday, I took 2 civil service exams. 1 for Parole Officer trainee (which I think I'd be good at?) and 1 for Call Center Representative (which would make me a Customer service bitch via telephone). On my way to the test, I scared the shit out of some lady who was also parked 1/2 mile away in the rain. I started jogging to get to Albany HS in time, she started running and turned around and screamed because she thought I was going to attack her. You gotta love Albany...

I exercised hardcore at the gym for a WHOLE ENTIRE HOUR yesterday afternoon after I returned. I got sweaty and out of breath (I have a little cold right now) and I plan on going back on the treadmill today for a little while before another hectic week begins.

Hectic is the nicest adjective I got.

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