Wednesday, January 14, 2009

here we are

I am happy to report that I am doing fine and the procedure went well. The doctor didn't give me a lollipop but he did say that I did better than most women do. My boyfriend held my hand the entire time (even though he is sick as a dog). Thank you times a million for all of the support and information.

Speaking of sick, it appears that my body has resisted the cold season so far. It is a miracle I tink. I have held sniffly, boogery babies at work, my boyfriend is fighting a cold and there is a bug at the hospital I intern at and..nothing. Even though I have not exercised officially since 1/2/09, I have been eating healthy and getting tons of sleep. It appears that trying to live healthy really IS a preventative measure against sickness. Or maybe my body is telling me that getting sick now would f!@$ up my universe and has decided not to succumb to weakness?

My weight loss challenge at work has me probably winning the shoe card. Only one other girl has tracked what they ate and one bought a pair of sneakers but has yet to use them. A positive has been that the three of them have increased their water intake and reading the little newsletters I write up about being a healthy loser.

And finally, the cable man is coming today to my new place to set up service. Which means I am skipping internship and moving out what I can today to start staying at my new place. Because I have to live where there is TV and internet otherwise I throw up or die. Sunday, I will have a truck and 3 stronger than me people moving the heavy stuff I shouldn't lift (and secretly wouldn't want to)

I read a sign on a church thingie one day that said: Do not complain about what you permit. I have told you this before, but I adopt that as my personal motto. I can't complain about what I'm letting continue. I can kvetch for a few minutes and then take action. question for you today is: what have you done about something that's been bothering you lately?


auntie said... and your challenges!! probably the most pro-active thing i've done in regards to things in my life that bug me is that i cried in my therapist's office today about some stuff that's been buried for awhile. i guess my mind and body had had enough of me stuffing my emotions down inside me, so things started bubbling to the surface today in a panic-attack-ey kind of way (SO not fun). anyway, choosing to talk to her about this stuff was a big step for me, since i probably would have just skipped over it not that long ago.

glad to hear all is well in the nether regions. and yay for the boyfriend holding your hand the whole time.

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

im glad everything went well!

Im freaking out about possibly being laid off so im busting my ass trying to get jobs doing what i love; writing. I took that bad and used it as an opportunity to make a carrer shift to do what i truely love.

Kelly Turner

MizFit said...

How sweet is your boyfriend? seriously. (please to insert story here about my sister and her husband and add in he is SO NOT THAT SWEET...but I digress)

happy cable installation.
whatcha most excited to watch? I HEART my cable. completely.