Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I did not eat pepperoni pizza.

Tomorrow begins internship, and eventually my final semester of graduate studies. Next Monday is when classes start. Argh. argh. a r g h.

I went to the gym on Friday but I have been less than motivated to return this week. So I only get 1 sticker. But I was good this week as far as eating is concerned! I went to do a DVD when I got home from work, but they're packed somewhere and I don't feel like looking. So I will lay on the couch. I am really thinking that my feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed are causing my body's desire to move to shut down and conserve energy? Anybody think that sounds like a good excuse?

In my own defense, I also took a nasty fall in the ice outside of my nightmare Saturday and I have a big bruise on my knee. And my knee kind of hurts. So I probably shouldn't use it.

Blah. 9 pounds away from lifetime goal and 2 years later.

What's a girl to do?


MizFit said...

nine? schmine.
we can nail that this year.
first the important stuff: HOWS THE KNEE?

fattygetsfit said...

it's bruisey and the bruise is blackish now

tokaiangel said...


Nine is tiny and SO do-able. You have done nines before, right? It's just another one of those...

TA x

Tricia said...

Nine is do-able. Really.

I hope your knee feels better.