Wednesday, January 28, 2009

it's too easy just to fall apart

It's been awhile.
I still haven't been to the gym, eaten healthy or got out of my funk. Saturday morning I lost control of my car and hit a mail box in the snow. I have been moving out the very last items in to the new place (which I am loving, by the way) and have been doing so after class at like 10 PM because I don't want anyone to see me. Tomorrow I have to clean up and get the last last stuff I have there. The keys get returned to the old apartment on Friday.

I am GOING to the gym on Saturday.

Today at internship, one of the other staff there made a statement that gave me a lightbulb moment. He (an avid runner and in his early 50's is in better shape than people half his age) stated that if he doesn't get to run, he goes crazy.

I thought to myself, as I ate my lunch, that perhaps I am going crazy because I haven't exercised in almost a month. Maybe that is why I feel so keyed up, on edge and have out of control leg shakey syndrome? Or why I have fatigue, loss of energy and an overall negative mood?

I am GOING to the gym on Saturday.

No more excuses. Saturday is the day that FGF will begin to peep her head out and then brush off the dust and try again...


Anonymous said...

hope you and your car are okay! i just came across your blog, love it and will be following it!

i'm in a total funk also *blaming it on the weather* and i know i just need to get outside and walk around and hit the gym and i will no doubt feel better. which is easier said than done of course...i hope you have an amazing sweaty workout at the gym on saturday!

MizFit said...

Man it has been one thing after a freakin nother lately huh?
As much as it is always hard for me to get back to the gym after taking a break (story for another time. but theres a story) I do think going Saturday will make you feel better.
less stressed.

or perhaps thats just me :)

Tricia said...

It stinks that you're feeling like that. I know that I have a deal with myself where I work out at least three times a week to keep the crazy away.

Have you tried dancing to 80s pop songs in your underwear (always perks me up...)?

kristen said...

If you'd like more accountability, we can send you harassing comments tomorrow reminding/encouraging you to go! The hardest part is stepping foot into that door. I swear once I cross that threshold, I feel better almost immediately. You absolutely can do it! Just think of how much better you'll feel after you go on Saturday.

R said...

Love the motivational pep talk. Just keep thinking that its just about the journey. Once your at the gym, the rest is cake. Seriously.

Wishing you a fantastic return-to-gym experience!!

btw- thanks for the comment on my guest post over at Mizfit yesterday!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Meg said...

Yes! Lightbulb moments are great! I can't wait to hear how much better you feel after Saturday! ^_^


kristen said...

Just checking in! Hoping to get a full report on your return to the gym tomorrow. :)