Sunday, January 4, 2009


The apartment nightmare looks to be OVER within the next week.
Here are pics of my new place:

Can I tell you a secret? I am so excited to move into a nice, clean, warm and not shitholey apartment. The heater is still temperamental (as in, IT decides when to work and when not to), there are no more shit explosions but now the plumbing is going haywire. The house manager is a scum bag and my landlord is a bastard.

I have called to set up cable and electricity in the new apartment and I am hoping to be all out of here by next Sunday.

That being said, there is still a lot about to happen aside from moving. I start back at internship this week. Next week begins classes. Plus I'm continuing at my per diem job. I am almost happy to get back into my grind but I will feel even better when I'm outta here.

I have been an insomniac as of late, with all of this planning and worrying. My anxiety is peaking! My heart is racing, my mind runs faster than you skinny racers out there and I just want to eat a pepperoni pizza right now. I am still not sure when I became an emotional eater. But I would love nothing more than hot cheesy pepperoni crusty in my tum tum.

I will not succumb. Instead I will eat a huge salad, and maybe a make a hot roast beef and swiss wrap thingie to soothe my cravings for meat and cheese. Perhaps I will go to the gym and get a sticker but I might just stay home and pack (for at least 20 mins and I get a sticker)

This is long, I know. But no one answered their phones on my way home and I needed to get stuff out...


Mandapants said...

YAY I missed your posts!

YAY for the new apartment. I can't wait for my first one. I'll feel so accomplished. :)

Which one's the per diem job?

tokaiangel said...

Happy New ApartmentYear!!!!

TA x

Tony said...

I ate some peperoni pizza today---totally not worth it. Hope you enjoy the salad and the new apartment =).