Wednesday, January 7, 2009

weight watchers was closed tonight due to inclement weather
i am eating the pizza i ordered before i knew that and drove all the way up there

at least pizza is goood


Mandapants said...

Lol. Your posts make me happy.

carla said...

they are allowed to close?!


Mandapants said... long as I don't mind the weird tinglies, I can still drink it? Nothing else is going to happen but a little weird feeling?

Because the awesome happy I get from diet pop is definitely worth a little weirdness.

Hell, it's worth the money I spend on it, which may irk me more than the weird tinglies. Lol.

auntie said...

um...OUCH on the bruised knee!!

Rockin Austin said...

Ouch on your knee!! I had pizza tonight for was tasty. :)