Wednesday, July 11, 2007

#50... a midweek update

Weird adjusting to a normal week with no stupidly delicious obstacles like: Beer-B-Q's, holidays, eating dinner at restaurants or emotionally charged binges because someone's Nana went to heaven. I'm almost sad that if I gain weight this week, I will have no decent excuse. Nope. It's ALL me.

I've been counting each point, writing down exact portions, drinking tons of water, and not eating when I'm not really hungry. I'm loathing exercise, yet I keep forcing myself to work out. I'm kind of bored of dieting and exercising but I refuse to give up. I have a little more focus now.

Good News?: Tomorrow I start my 2nd job at Talbot's (for those of you who don't know, it's a women's clothing store) after regular work. I'm excited for this. It will keep me busy, active, earn me moola$ AND I'll get a sweet discount on clothes. Also, I got an "A" in summer school, meaning that my job now has to reimburse me $500 for tuition. I've decided to buy a digital camera with the money and put the rest in my savings account.

Bad News?: None :) (for now!)

Blast from fat past?: Yes? ok!
muhahahahahahaha look at those buttery rolls! At least my hair was purdy?!

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