Monday, July 23, 2007

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I am happy to report that my "fat-teau" (think plateau) is officially over. For now.

This week, I topped out at a whopping 166.6, meaning that I lost 3.4 pounds of hamburger meat (just in case you needed a visual aid) I've also lost some inchage around the body this week. I am relieved that I've moved past this hurdle, where I bounce above and below 170 but never really got away from it.

I'm now throwing myself a pizza party in honor of losing 27 pounds and 15.5 inches of...well, ME! I'm 1 pound away from losing all of what I had gained back. So, you can see, I'm very excited about all of this. I had planned to be 165 by the middle of August. Maybe I'll get down there sooner than expected?? I am going to try to be between 160-163 by the time I go back to school at the end of August, early September. WISH ME LUCK! I'll really need it.

Stats time:
Arms: 11"
Legs: 21" (-1")
Waist: 32.5 (-.5")
Hips: 37" (-1")
Current Weight: 166.6

Cumulative: 27 down, 18 to go (holy shit)

This week went pretty well. This new job is totally kicking my ass, but I really like it so far. It keeps me busy, active and fulfilled.

Saturday evening, I went to my friend Michelle's house for a "Couples only, plus Jillian" dinner party. I indulged a little there, eating bread dipped in seasoned olive oil and even having dessert. I only had 1 whole plate of food: pork loin, sauteed veggies and roasted potatoes. Then instead of eating another helping, I made a plate of just salad. Michelle's roomate's boyfriend kind of made a comment about all of the salad I piled on my plate. I kind of made a comment back about having a lot more weight to lose. All in good fun of course, but I had to remind myself that not everyone has to struggle with their weight. Chris (that's his name) is a very thin young man. I doubt he's ever even counted a calorie, or dated a girl who had to. Here are some pictures of our lovely evening (in case you don't stalk my webshots)

After dinner, Michelle pulled out pictures of college. If I wasn't depressed about being the single girl at the party, I was definitely depressed about seeing pictures of myself in my freshman year. Not only was I fat, but I was hideous as well. Like...gross. Alex (Michelle's roomate) even turned to me and said at one point, "No offense, Ms. Jillian, but you are way better looking now then you were in college." Truth be told, I wasn't offended. She was right. I think I may very well be the exception to the rule that you looked better younger. At 23, I feel I'm the most attractive I've ever been. I think I just needed to grow into my looks. If I keep getting hotter as I age, then perhaps at 30 I'll be a bombshell?!?

It's funny to think how pictures of myself now, will eventually be fat girl pictures too....

I found another post-secret secret that I liked:


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