Sunday, July 15, 2007

my feet are keiling me

Sorry. I found it and I had to post it.

A very special hello to my world-traveler friend Garima (who I finally got to speak to this morning!) I agree with you, we're both pretty fucking amazing. You are my hero for giving up conventionality, following your dreams and going to EUROPE by yourself!!!! And I'm your hero because I'm in grad school, I'm busy with 2 jobs and I don't put up with people's shit? (I think you win this one.)

I just stalked and discovered that 360 minutes of leisure walking (or in my case, working a 6-hr shift at Talbot's) is equivalent to 14 activity points. Seeing as I only get to eat 23 points per day, it's looking like this job will not only improve my wallet, but my waistline as well. I have a strong feeling that I'm really going to like retail.

This past week presented no real challenges, except that I was friggin hungry in the beginning of the week. Trying to adjust to actually eating the right amount of points per day, and really tracking everything was rough. But, I got it down. And I started this job where I'm walking for hours at a time. I'm so freaking bored of counting points, tracking food and exercising. I wish this weight was gone, yesterday. Then I realize it's the 6 month WW mark, and anyone would be bored of doing something non-stop for 6 months. This happened to me last time. I got bored and then got unmotivated and then...then I got fat again.

Friday, I worked 9-5 as a social worker. Then I worked 5:30 until about 10 as a sales associate. Shortly thereafter, I went out with Caitlin. To: my favorite bar to chill out at, Lionheart. Not even 2 minutes in, I get tapped on the shoulder by a guy I flat out rejected several weeks ago. (By reject, I mean, I explained that I wasn't interested in a relationship. With him. At all. He then called me a loser; I deleted him all forms of communication.) While I was TRYING to order my drink, he asked why I didn't say "hi" and it was for obvious reasons. Jillian doesn't take kindly to people who disrespect her, bottom line. He proceeded to call me an "asshole" (calling me another name will REALLY make me like you, crybaby!) and told me that if he worked at Lionheart, I wouldn't be allowed inside. I told him to grow up, surprisingly very calmly. After the initial annoyance, (all of the bartenders/bouncers told me not to worry about him) I got pretty buzzed and had a blast. Met some other pretty cool people. None of them 29 yr old cry babies who lie and have children. Good for me.

(This is us getting ready. I had just come out of work. I'm bent over, but wearing spike heels. Yes, she really is that tall.)

Yesterday, my friend Michelle and I went to Saratoga for the day (after I worked, with a wicked hangover) and walked around/shopped. It's almost horse race season, so we took pictures with some of the horsey statues.
Here are a few:
We stopped into a little boutique and the clothes were adorable, but the sizes were tiny. The clerk asked if we were finding everything OK, to which I responded, "Yeah, everything in here is fabulous. I just wouldn't fit into any of it." This was SUPPOSED to be funny, and if she was half-way decent at her job she would have given me a better answer than: awkward silence and a little chuckle. Eventually, we made our way to a nice boutique, with nice ladies working in it and nice clothes that fit real people. I purchased a sweet green/white top. Don't know where I'm going to unveil it.

On a side note, I'm never going into a Cold Stone Creamery. I think I will like it too much, and since I have an addictive personality, I'm not even going to try it out.

Michelle and I then when on a hot date (with each other) to this Italian place called something or other, I forget. I ordered a giant Greek salad (dressing on the side) and a dish with rigatoni, prosciutto and porcini mushrooms, with peas in a brandied cream sauce. It was heaven. I automatically put half of it away in a container and ate what was on my plate. So good. I ate it for breakfast this morning.

OK. So that's my weekend. Extremely busy and always good looking. Tomorrow I *hope* to have great news. Phew...that was LOOONNGGG.

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