Friday, July 27, 2007

what you eat in private, you wear in public*

Hello, my name is Jillian. Right now I am chewing on some lettuce. I like lettuce, covered in blue cheese vinegarette. It makes me happy. Especially because I am so ridiculously tired, I can't stand it. And...I still have to head out to job #2 in a little while.

This week hasn't been too awful. Not awful at all :-)

I've been exercising, doing a little more weight training for my arms and abs. And the results are starting to pay off. A lot of my co-workers, who see me everyday, have been commenting on how I'm looking good. I mean, I always look good. But my body is starting to slim down again and it's being noted. This is good.

Wednesday night, I did childcare at the office. Instead of eating pizza and wings (which would be the equivalent to 2 slices of pizza (14 points) and probably 3 wings <9> which would totally take over my day) I BROUGHT MY OWN DINNER TO EAT! I had Weight Watchers Macaroni & Cheese and a piece of steak (10 pts combined) I had cooked from the previous night. Although I hated every friggin' second of NOT eating delicious pizza and wings, I felt proud of myself for NOT succumbing to it.

Thursday night, I went on my first 1st date since last August. We did Houlihan's and I ordered one of my favorite dishes there (Navajo Chicken Pasta) As soon as it came out, I asked the waitress for a container to put half of it in. It took her a few minutes, but get this.... my date WAITED for me to get the container to shovel food into before he started eating his own food! I didn't even end up finishing what was left on my plate, but I'm glad I've taken to putting half of it away automatically. We went to go see the Chuck & Larry movie, which was kind of funny but I could have lived without it.

Afterwards, I met out the girls for a drink or 2 in honor of Amy's 23rd birthday. Didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning. Didn't really sleep well as I'm still waking up a lot to pee. Also, who can sleep when they're excited? I certainly can't!

Anywho, I'm going to lay down for a bit and then start cooking some dinner before I head to job #2 for the day. I'm thinking a jalepeno turkey cheese burger with no buns will be a nice finishing touch to a long day and a nice beginning to a longer evening.

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