Sunday, October 5, 2008

hot hot hot

Dearest _________,

I am supposed to be writing two assignments due tomorrow and Tuesday respectively. I worked at the preggo girl house all day, went to get a haircut (place was CLOSED early) came home, went to the gym and now I'm back. To procrastinate. On the real, yo.

I can't possibly top last post, so I won't try. I was having a moment and the moment has passed. I have been working uber hard to watch what goes in my mouth these last few days. Even still, when you think you're making a good choice, it ends up costing you tons of POINTS! and then you eat pizza with your boyfriend anyways, despite the fact. Like the Quizno's Black & Bleu salad I ordered yesterday that ended up being 15 WW POINTS. I ate the pizza, b/c I didn't want Adam to feel like a fat-ass eating by himself.
I hate that $^&*.

In other news, tomorrow begins a new week. I got to the gym yesterday & today and I've been running a little more and a little faster, challenging myself in the cardio realm. I'm noticing that I no longer have a fat roll hanging out of my size 10s. This pleases me.

Being pleased is more incentive to try harder. It's a positive cycle. I am trying to get down to goal, hopefully by January 1. DESPITE the fact that my body seems to be happy here. I am curious to see if my body will allow me to lose these last 10 pounds and be able to maintain. I have also noticed that for a LONG time, my body bounced between 160-165 and now that I've dropped below that marker, my body is enjoying 158. Ehh, perhaps my body is taking her sweet time to get adjusted to a certain weight before losing.

Ok, really. Time to write papers. Hope you had a stellar weekend.


MizFit said...

here's to being pleased.
here's to the boyfriend waking up having had an epiphany and LONGING to be yer training partner!

happy 158.

Tricia said...

Yay on the being pleased. I wouldn't worry too much about weight maintenance, as some weight gain is an increase in muscle, so just go by the way your clothes fit.

Rockin Austin said...

My body is the same way. Slow and steady and pauses (forever) along the way. You'll make it to goal, you really will. Just don't dwell. (And enjoy the pizza!)

tokaiangel said...

Slow and steady is the best way for me too! It was scary losing my refeed weight, but the plateaus actually stopped me losing my mind and taking it all too far. It's nice to maintain a bit and coast the wave, eat some pizza and then onwards!

TA x