Thursday, October 30, 2008

corrective action plan....take 1

By the grace of G-d, or some other higher power, I magically lost 1.8 this week and currently top out at 157.6 lbs.

Before I count my blessings, all onehundredfiftyseven of them, I hereby declare that I have a corrective action plan listy in place to avoid another upswing. And here goes:
  1. Do not put everyting me see in me mouf, eh?
  2. I will attempt to lose 5 pounds by the end of this semester (i.e. I am hoping to weigh 152 by 12/12/08)
  3. Think BEFORE I eat...Check in with my feelings? am I really hungry? am I bored? am I tired? am I trying to fill an imaginary hole with food?
  4. Congratulate myself for NOT eating something, even when I want it (I forgot where I read this but I think it's a good idea)
  5. DO NOT STRAY! (This is mental notey to myself. I always bring enough food for my day in my lunch box. A lunch and two small snacks. Always. And when I stray from that is when I get into trouble)
  6. Plan ahead. Anticipate hiccups (free food or alcohol)
  7. Exercise *but don't beat myself up by eating* if I can't make it to the gym. I have several DVD's in my arsenal. I can do 20 minutes of one and get a sticker.
  8. Ah yes, along with #2, remember to take each day at a time. Small goals work better for me.
  9. Remind myself very often that no matter what I am still hotter now, at 24, than I was in high school and college.
  10. Food is for eating. Food is for nourishment. Food is stupid. "NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING SKINNY FEELS."
Time to make potato knishes for my supervisor and the other case managers at internship. And do my bikini body DVD. And maybe get some sleep in there before tomorrow.


Mandapants said...

See? Told you you weren't relapsing. ;)

'cause you're a baller. That's why.

MizFit said...

a baller? shot caller?

you know I have a few additional thoughts.

but bottom line is youre back on track.

gonna list the small goals for us? or nah...

auntie said...

very cool! i especially like #1 - i think i will have billboards made with that on them, and then put them up in my one-bedroom-apartment-sized kitchen, if for no other reason than they would probably block my access to the refrigerator and most of the cupboards where food might be hiding.

i was just thinking this morning how stupid food is, and wishing that it just didn't exist sometimes. but then i remembered tiramisu and krispy kreme and fry sauce...

WeightingGame said...

I think I just noticed for the first time what you are holding over your nose in your pic. Snort.