Sunday, October 26, 2008

my best friend had a baby

This was my yesterday evening. My best friend, her husband, baby, sister (+two friends) and birthday girl mother went to the Cheesecake Factory with Adam and myself for din-din. Because I couldn't actually "eat" Evelyn, I decided it would be in my best interest to eat everything in front of me. Including my BANG BANG Chicken & Shrimp, which gave me horrendous gas for the rest of the evening and the most revolting smelling burps you could imagine.

In other news, I failed this week, again. I didn't follow my POINTS, I overate and I barely had time for the gym. Speaking of which, I have an off tangent rant. While I know that it is good to go to the gym and work out, and I feel some "gym guilt" when I don't go if I have extra time, I have decided that I cannot live at my gym. It's just not for me. There is this one girl, with an amazing body, who literally lives at the gym. I admire her body, but I'd personally have a little jiggle here and there and not miss out on some outside life things.


The Mandapants said...

You did not fail.

Failure would be to *not* have the awesome realization that life > obsession.

It ain't worth it. Hugging babies sooo is.

I, too, wish that I could eat bebes with a spoon. They're SO CUTE.

Tricia said...

I'm with MP on the you not failing front. Life is far more important than the gym.

And with a name like BANG BANG chicken & shrimp, what did you expect?

Rockin Austin said...

I've had that dish at good, but the after effects are terrible. Not a failure, just a day in the journey is all.

How adorable is that baby!!

I no longer have a gym membership, I exercise outside when I can and have a few things at home for weights and such. Living at the gym is overrated!

tokaiangel said...

Shaddit!! I love Bang Bang Chicken, damn the haters!

Very, very cute baby.

I third (or fourth?) the Not A Failure sentiment. Life is for living.

TA x

MizFit said...

so many thoughts.
at your age I definitely looked at a baby and thought GREAT FOR YOU AND SO GLAD IT ISNT ME...THAT SH** LOOKS TIRING.

and Im also righttherewithyou on the girl at the gym.

my husband and I always shake our heads (in unison. this attitude is one of the reasons I married him) and say AT WHAT PRICE LOOKING GOOD?

life is for living.

email me if there is any way you think I can lend a hand....