Monday, May 14, 2007

hey y'all

This might be the only time I ever get to wear a tiara and a veil. I'm glad I got to make it look super classy with my red hoop earrings...

So, um, yeah greetings from Hubert, NC. Here's a chance for you to see some beautiful photos of my weekend!

These are pics of me modeling bridesmaid dresses @ David's Bridal for the girls in Tito's wedding... i think this first one looked the best

I look like a blue sausage here...very sexay?
this one looks classy, like a ripe pomegranate? but i still think #1 is best

Tito & Doyle
Tito & I posing for the camera ---> Doyle & I (I look suspicious?)

I really do have GREAT facial expressions. Really.

...and then today I finally got her!

Basically, my weekend starting on Thursday was quite gluttonous. Kristen and I went out for Thai food and I had almost forgotten how much I loved Thai. Friday, I flew here, ate decently all day and as soon as I had arrived, I was cooking dinner (healthy!) for Tito and her fiancee. Saturday we ate reasonably healthy. Nice breakfast, lunch at Atlanta Bread Company for sandwiches and even had SALAD with grilled steak for dinner! Then, we went out to a bar called Hooligan's with Tito's friend Doyle and his buddy Mike. I think I spent a total of $5 but managed to never NOT have a drink in my hand. Yesterday, however, I was a hungover woman. After a big breakfast and an order of sesame chicken & fried rice, I laid around ALL damn day in complete and utter worthlessness. I mean, pure bliss.

It turns out that in North Carolina I'm on the thinner end of the female spectrum (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?) and none of the guys understood that in NY, I'm still kind of a fatty. Eric (Tito's man) actually commented on how funny he thought it was that I had a "fat girl" complex. Both Doyle and Mike were horrified at the idea that I still wanted to lose 24 more pounds.

OK. So the bad news? Regretfully, this morning at Weight Watchers I had gained 3 pounds. I tried my best all week/weekend, worked out and ate well. I am totally PMS b l o a t e d (sorry?) and STILL faced that scale. I'm very proud to have done so. After we went to weigh in, I did what any normal woman would do. We went to Applebee's and I ate an entire Southwest Philly Cheese steak wrap with sour cream. Strict eating begins tomorrow ;-)

Oh well. Great weekend. Well worth it.

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