Sunday, May 27, 2007

naughty, naughty

It's Sunday.
And I'm updating (with a weight loss!) but it's a day early.
Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and Weight Watchers is CLOSED in observance of the holiday. So I did the right thing and got weighed in today so I still did my work for the week.

Also, because I plan on eating and celebrating today and tomorrow and I wanted an accurate number before I did A LOT of damage. I guess that's sneaky, but I have to remind you that this is MY blogger and I do what I want.

So instead of boring you with details of the fun weekend I had/still have planned (I dont have pictures to show you and narrate), I'm just going to be a straight shooter:

Arms: 11"
Legs: 22" (I've been walking/biking A LOT this week)

Current Weight: 171.2

Cumulative Stats: 22 lost total/13 inches gone from body
1 pound for 10% goal/ 23 to go
This week I resolve to:
LOSE THAT G-DDAMNED POUND SO I CAN HIT MY 10% goal!!! I can't believe I'm this close to it. This is what I wanted to weigh back in November when I started and I'm almost there!!!!!! This is terribly exciting. I want this pound off by next week. That is my goal.

And now.... a blast from the FAT past...

This is me, striking an oh-so-sexy pose, while hiking up Mt. Tongue (yes, I know) in Lake George, NY. I believe this was taken in October or November, but I'm not positive. And again, I can recall thinking I looked halfway decent but was still uncomfortable. This was around the time when I realized I was gaining a mess of weight again. I'm surprised I made it up 85% of the mountain. I'm also surprised that I didn't roll down the mountain, because I was so, well, round.

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