Monday, May 21, 2007

Thank God I'm Fabulous

Hooray to me. I lost 2.4 of the 3 I had gained while in Jacksonville, NC. In today's WW meeting, I got a "BRAVO!" sticker because I went to weigh in during my vacation. I also discovered that I have a 4.0 GPA for Spring semester, and for my first year of grad school ever. Despite major ups, downs, stress, work and other shit, I've managed to lose weight and be an A student.

Below are some pictures from my weekend. I am beginning to really enjoy showing you all pictures of me, now that I'm looking good...that and it's easy to have pics since I've been going out with my friends who have digi-cams who enjoy taking pictures of me looking good. This next statement may sound completely snotty of me, but it's totally cool, because this is my blog (not yours) but I was really surprised by how good I look in these pictures. I'm usually NOT photogenic. At all. I take a picture where I think I'm making a normal face, and it comes out with my mouth hanging open, one eye half open and my eyebrows furrowed in thought. If you click on the pictures you can see them in a bigger version. You can also see that they are not in any way doctored and I really am this attractive.

(This is me finishing off the pitcher. I did not by any means consume all the beer. We split it three ways. I held Kristen up at gunpoint to take this picture of me for a very important reason. If you look closely, you can see that I have no fat hanging out anywhere and I have collar bones again. **I would also like to add that with weight loss, I don't have to take just "head shots" or pics of me hiding behind other people anymore. I've been working damn hard on this body and I'm glad I get to show it off!)

...and just to prove to you that I still eat, here is a photograph of me chowing down on some delicious Lionheart popcorn with some Canadian dude we talked to while he waited for his woman. He moved to America JUST to be near her....How romantic?! However, it looks like he could use some chap stick. I wonder if they have that kind of stuff up there in Canadia?

Soooo this week seemed a particularly challenging. I gained 3 pounds from my weekend in NC, but I tried really hard while I was there, and the week before I went as well. The disappointment sat with me longer than I thought it would/could. The day of, I didn't mind so much. And then I thought about it all week. It kind of undermined my motivation. By mid-week, on the scale in my office, I had lost a pound. My measurements hadn't budged from their pre-Jacksonville status, which meant I really was just carrying extra water and possibly muscle from beginning to lift again. I can also attribute last week's weight gain to being on a different-than-usual scale and the fact that my hormones are all wacky because of Cindy the Cyst.

I worked out Tues/Thurs/Sun and tried to eat within my means. I managed to avoid buying groceries until Thursday. Wednesday, I did childcare for a parenting group and ate 1/2 of an Italian Mix Subway sub. It was blissful. I saved the other half for lunch on Thursday. It was equally as blissful. Yesterday, at Caitlin's graduation party, I feasted. Hardcore. I worked out in the morning before I went, so that I could eat more and not feel guilty. In retrospect, it really wasn't THAT much food. In my heyday, I could have eaten probably 3 x's the amount and still come home and ate dinner...possibly dessert? Yesterday I ate there and didn't eat an ounce when I got home. I took 3 small cookies for dessert, and only took a bite or two of each instead of eating them all up. SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!!!!

Arms: 11."
Legs: 21.5"
32.5" (a little off the waist, not terribly noticeable but still!)

Current Weight: 172.8

Cumulative Stats: 21 lost total/13 inches gone from body
2.8 pounds for 10% goal/ 24 to go
This week I resolve to:
Exercise at least 3 x's a week now, since I'm only doing 1 summer class. There is no excuse. PLUS, I want to behave this weekend for memorial day no matter what my plans end up being!!!!

I think I'm going to go for the massage/seaweed treatment my friend's bought me for my 23rd b-day. I deserve it. I'm fabulous.

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