Friday, May 25, 2007

what about us *medium* hoes?

Ever notice how you always feel more comfortable working out with a stranger who's heavier than you? Tuesday in my apartment complex's gym room, a chubby-ish guy came in while I was exercising. I didn't flinch. I kept sweating profusely/breathing heavily on the bike and when my time was up...I got on the floor and stretched and contorted in ways I haven't ever before, then lifted some weights. I wasn't even phased by his presence.

However, if you put a thinner male/female in that same situation I probably would have stayed on the bike until my time was up, moved the resistance down so I wasn't out of breath/sweating so hard and then as soon as I was done, I would have peaced out of there as soon as possible. I've successfully worked out 3 times already this week, including: a 4 mile power walk, where I got honked at while I strutted my stuff in black shiny spandex pants and 2 trips to the gym for bike/lifting. Pilates DVD tomorrow evening.

Yesterday, I was buying text books in the campus store and there was a BIN of 50 cent chocolate bars. The clerk said, "50 cents." and I looked at him, with my big beautiful brown eyes and said in my Jillian voice, "21 pounds." The people there laughed, and the one guy said, "That's the best response I've ever gotten." Then I got to explain how I have lost 21 pounds, and still have more to go. They were impressed. I was impressed by myself because I just wanted candy.

Today, I officially became a parent educator. I co-facilitated a group called "Active Parenting of Teens" and I did a great job (thanks Sally!). I also got a haircut. This is me inside of Bayou Betty this afternoon, after getting a little "chop chop." I needed a little change. I got the new tatty and well, it wasn't enough. So I got a trim. Now my hair can grow long and healthy.

In other news, I ate a lot of food today and yesterday. Parenting groups are rough, because you get free dinner. Yesterday, I helped a co-worker out and ate a lot of Chinese food. Then I went to night class reeking of pork fried rice. Today, I ordered pizza & wings for my group. I ate that and then I somehow managed to round up my co-workers/friends to go out for celebratory bevvies on Lark Street. I love Lark Street. And my friends.

In conclusion, my body may be shrinking but my attitude is not. I love my friends/co-workers/self. I'm not too worried about Memorial Day weekend. And sour cream is still the best invention....EVER.

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