Thursday, May 10, 2007

Norf Cackalack

Ahhh! Summertime. Most people say it's easier to lose weight in the summer. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Oh I eat less in the summer, because it's so hot," or "I go outside more often, and get more exercise." To me, summer symbolizes patio dinning with a basket of fried food and a nice, cold beer. Can someone please tell me why beer tastes so much better in the summer? After my last class on Tuesday, my classmate Jen and I went to a local pub and split...a basket of fried appetizers and we each had a beer. We sat outside and it was glorious. I see this as a potential problem for me. Last summer I gained the weight back in a very similar way. I spent the beginning of last summer, dating a guy who drank every night after his softball games and ate awful food along with it. And I was right there, out eating him. In hindsight, that is just gross. Ewwww, Jillian, ewwww. I blame that month long lifestyle for me gaining back some of that fat I had lost. This time around I'm watching myself, but I know that Summer is going to be a tricky season for me indeed.

Tomorrow morning/afternoon, I am on an airplane to visit Tito in Jacksonville, NC. Since I plan on being in debt for the rest of my life, it's only fair that I visit my bff who is newly engaged and who needs MY help to look for wedding dresses! To be honest, it's going to be really weird getting on a plane and not going to NOLA. But I have to practice, right? In my suitcase I have packed: my pilates DVD, my WEIGHT WATCHERS water bottle, sports clothes to work out in and sneakers. I also looked up local meetings near where she lives and am MAKING myself go to one on Monday. This will hopefully force me to make healthy eating decisions while I'm there. I will be accountable for all food I put in my mouth! Also--I worked out 4 times this week! Probably because I've been so damn bored with no school/school work to do.

This is the tattoo I'm getting while I'm down there:

Wanna know what it means? I'm getting a swan because it's going to symbolize the person I'm becoming. I feel like I'm growing into a beautiful (inside/outside) swan more and more everyday. This tattoo will remind me on my bad days, days when I'm feeling depressed, that I've been through A LOT in my life and that I'm always changing and becoming better. I also want this symbolize my weight loss goals. All of my tattoos means something significant to me. I dont get ink just to have it. This will just add to that. Not sure where I'm putting it though.

Anywho, look for an update on Monday, possibly from NC. Hopefully with some weight lost. And there will also be pictures,

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