Thursday, May 17, 2007

let. me. see. that. thong. tha-thong-thong-thong.

It appears I'm running into a slight problem. See, it's actually a good thing. But it's very bad for le weight loss.

Now that I'm happy again, I'm also really hungry again. This is good for emotional Jillian but very, very bad for physical Jillian. Perhaps I move down south where they appreciate voluptuous womens and live out of Tito's office ;-)

I worked out HARDCORE on Tuesday. Like bicycle, weights, stretches, you name it, I did it. I was really, really shweaty and not in a sexy way. Now that I've got abs, a butt and nice legs (which look awesome in my 2x's lucky shorts) I need to focus on the arms. I've got a dumbbell or two in my room, but they're heavier weights and I don't need to get bulky. Might just do a lot of reps while I watch tv or something.

Tonight I'm going to do my pilates DVD before I eat a gigantic salad topped with grilled chicken-y goodness. Got a nice little weekend planned. Including but not limited to: going out with my friends and a graduation party for Cait on Sunday.

And now for a blast from the fat past....
This is a picture of my from my junior year at Siena, I wanna say around spring semester. The night this picture was taken, I thought (thought being the KEY word) I looked skinny and attractive. The only thing that looked awesome was my hair (it still is one of my best features!) This photo will serve as further incentive never to get fat again, so I don't embarrass myself on other people's cameras. Maybe, just maybe, I will use this as my "before" picture for Weight Watchers?

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