Saturday, December 27, 2008

the cycle

This is me and my love on Christmas. He actually quasi smiled for a photo, which pleased me immensely. For such a handsome fucker*, he hates having his picture taken. At least I look cute?!

*I realize that I might be the only one who thinks my boyfriend is a handsome fucker.

Yesterday, I did my CRUNCH! Bikini Body Workout DVD b/c I didn't feel like leaving my apartment. Today I hurt, deep in my "core" and my booty. Even though I HATE the video, and I use curse words at the bimbos dancing around in their neon pants, they worked me good yesterday. Today, I stopped by the gym on my way home from Adam's house and did 30 mins of cardio on the elliptical. Although I must have looked like a fat elderly woman climbing on and off the machine, and I still hurt. I got two stickers for the week so far!!!

My usually emptyish gym was PACKED today. This made me chuckle. People get so caught up around this time of year on trying to lose weight/exercise and then give up by mid-February. I only know about this pattern b/c I've been trying for two years now to lose the weight and I am witness to the cycle. Even Weight Watchers rooms are packed with resolvers. This too fades once people give up.

Bottom line: if you're reading this and/or writing your own blog, it is my mental health professional's opinion that you probably haven't given up just yet. Even if you're not doing it all right all of the time, you're trying. The odds are in your favor. For every 20 people at the gym today, there will be 5 by next month and it will continue to taper down.

And I plan on being the dork still waging war against my appetite and my pants size at the gym by myself in March


Mandapants said...


And you would totally make a better video than the one I did last night. I mean...seriously. Go watch it.

"30 jumping jacks -- let's go!"
"Jump rope for 30 -- let's go!"
"Side kicks for 10 -- let's go!"

I should try the video you're talking about. Any cardio recommendations?

fattygetsfit said...

i hate how they bounce and giggle and don't have any flab hanging out of their pants. "woohoo! let's do it!"

i actually do recommend the DVD if you're interested in mixing it up. it had cardio and dance and body specific moves. Try not to curse too much at Lena and her Bikini body beauties....

Rockin Austin said...

I could have written this blog myself! (with the exception of working out) Haha! I loathe going to the gym in January...same with WW. I think last year is when I switched to online only, b/c of the January mess. I'm glad people keep making an effort though, can't knock that. :)

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

I second the handsome fucker.

Your not too bad a looking fucker yourself ;)

Kelly Turner

Juliet said...

Yes I hate the new people at the gym!! A few joined my circuit class yesterday (I go religiously) and they really slowed us down.. not to mention coming 5 minutes late and asking the teacher to go over the circuit again.. sigh!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I certainly don't hate the new people at the gym, they make my membership cheaper (in theory), and it's amusing to watch them do things wrong. Having been unemployed for the last few months, I've been going in the daytime, now I'll be an unfamiliar presence in the night time classes, so I'll be the new one. I'll just have to be there a few minutes earlier, to claim my spot.