Tuesday, December 16, 2008

living up to potential

Good morning. I am back. I have returned after a blogging/stalking hiatus as I ended my semester. I just tried to check my grades, but they aren't up yet. I have been sleeping and eating for the last few days and I realized a new obstacle of mine....


I have a problem with food intake and exercise when I'm off schedule. Spontaneity ruins my efforts and I get caught up in everything and forget what I'm doing. Maybe you suffer from this too? If I am working and then home every day, I plan my meals for the day and have time set aside for moving. I have packed lunch, packed snacks and healthy food for dinner when I get home. When I go out to eat, spend time away from home, go out with friends... I lose all of my willpower and eat whatever's in front of me. I've felt like crapola the last few days, with no moving and all moo-ing. I am so going to the gym today. My new health insurance gives me $300 for membership and healthy things I do. Woo hoo. I just have to get over the cold weather and get into my groove again.

Also? It helps when I post my stuff and stalk you peoples. It helps to reinforce what I'm doing or rather, what I am trying to do.

Here's to jumping BACK on the ball. And not falling over.

Whats the ball YOU keep falling over? And what are you gonna do about it??


Mandapants said...

Yup. The damage I did getting into my "break" schedule will take the rest of break to undo. Oy vey.

If it makes you feel better, I ran 30 miles in the last three days and still don't feel better! Waaah. ;)

MizFit said...

reread your comment a few times yesterday and wanna REMIND YOU what a role model you are for those girls.
what a great job you are doing, J.

all of it from the EAT YER VEGGIES to the being HUMAN!

Tricia said...

I agree with MizFit on the you being a role model.

And I struggle with breaks too.

Southern Paris said...

The holidays have royally kicked my butt and gotten me OFF track, I feel ya sista!