Sunday, December 21, 2008

nightmare on bridge avenue

Dear Landlord,

Below I have documented what the last two weeks have been like for me. I am beyond upset with the living situation, which is hazardous, unsafe and unsanitary for me. There are FECES coming out of my shower/tub drain and the main heating unit in the apartment is not working. I asked about getting my security deposit back and leaving the premises by Feb 1 instead of Feb 28th as described on the lease. Dave (house manager) stated he would look into this with you. If this situation is not rectified within a timely manor, I am going to request that I be let out of my lease early so I can find livable, safe and sanitary housing for myself. I will also be looking into calling code enforcement and consulting a lawyer about my rights as a tenant in bio hazardous conditions.

  • Week for December 1, 2008- Was asked by house manager not to use shower or toilet, as there was an issue with the downstairs tenant’s apartment being inundated with waste and water from the other units. Was advised that this issue was resolved by the middle-end of the week.
  • December 7, 2008- I found feces and hair in the drain of my tub.
  • December 9, 2008- I found feces in my tub upon waking up in the morning. Called house manager to rectify the situation. Again, at night, found fecal matter in the drain of the tub. He stated that he would call the plumber to fix this and kept in contact with me to ensure that this issue was not happening anymore.
  • December 12, 2008- The main heating unit of the apartment did not have hot air coming out of it. Called house manager who came by and looked at it. Was able to correct it by blowing on a mechanism
  • December 13, 2008- The main heating unit did not work through the night and I saw house manager outside shoveling the property. Told him about it and he came inside. He determined that the board inside of the unit was not working. Kept in contact with me throughout the day to let me know that he would be ordering a new board to have replaced by the end of the week. Upon arriving home from being out for the day at 3 PM, there was feces in the tub again. Called him and asked him to come and see. He responded that he would be over shortly. House manager came to the apartment with tools at approximately 3:25 PM to look at the heating unit and the tub again.

Right now I'm at my boyfriend's house. He came to pick me up yesterday because I was soooooo angry with everything that's been going on. No heat in the winter. Poop in my tub. Thank G-d I am not in school right now, or else I'd probably go on a shooting rampage.


I DOUBLE DOG DARE that jerk landlord to try and stop me. I have pictures of the poop in the tub. I sent them to him plus the above e-mail.

Anyone need a roomate? I cook and I clean and I'm halfway decent looking....


auntie said...

Good God, woman! I'm fairly certain I would have gone on a shooting rampage after the first day of that crap. (I made a funny!) Good luck with the landlord & enjoy the built-in cuddle time while you're at the bf's house :)

MizFit said...

I with auntie and am the opposite of whatever HAVING THE PATIENCE OF JOB would be.

Tricia said...

I'd have been calling the city on the first day of crap.

If you documented telling the house manager, that'll help your lawyer.

tokaiangel said...

Hey I'm just about sick to death of my lodger, I would happily kick him out for ya! No poop in my tub, promise. We could have high tea every day :0)

Seriously, that SUCKS. Second the document everything motion, although it sounds like you are already. I have also had horrendous slumlord experiences and can only promise you that perserverence WILL pay off. There are serious laws there to help you.

Hooray for the bf-enabled escape!

TA x