Friday, December 19, 2008


I just ate a lot of pancakes. With walnuts, peanut buttah and lite sugar free butter flavahed syrup. I am in a happy place. For reals, ya'll.

Today is a Christmas party for job #1 (my full time position). I am technically on vacation from work but I like free food and celebrating so I am going in. I made my world famous "Cranberry Sass" which consists of: whole berry cranberry sauce, little canned mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks and walnuts mixed together in fruity nutty refreshing bliss. This recipe was invented when FGF didn't have enough cranberry to make a sauce and threw in other stuff to make it have more surface area. The rest they say is history. I hope I also get a present.

All presents are purchased at this time. Adam's Hanukkah gifts are in a bag and ready to go. Aside from the plaque I made him, he also gets: Band of Brothers on DVD, an Indiana Jones calendar, binocular strap thing for hunting, a green fleece, a chocolate silk pie, these cool wipe things for CD's and DVDs and ME! I'm the 8th present.

I got my mom this

because she has diabetes and her feets need love. I also bought her a George Foreman with removable plates (which kicks my Foreman's ass) so she can eat healthy. She is doing WW too and she's lost almost 20 lbs GOOOoOOOOooo Mama Fatty!

OK, time to return to bed to get my beauty rest for today's party.

Have a quality day.

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Tricia said...

wow, great presents! I tend to do really badly at figuring out what the people around me need/will use.