Wednesday, December 17, 2008

vacation boredoms

I have some neato styrofoam curlers in my hair and I am relaxing in my sweats and thinking about braving the snow to go get some peanut butter cup ice cream. Instead, I will write something that makes me feel good.

Look over there --------->
It says that I hit 160 lbs in March of 2008. I've bounced down from 155 and back up to 160.something but haven't gone over that mark since then.

I realized that this morning when I posted on TA's blogger about holiday eating/letting go (thank you!!!!). So in honor of celebrating positives, while mentioning negatives, because that's who I am, I will tell you a secret of sorts.

I have been on Weight Watchers for two years next month. I am not where I hoped I'd be, and I am not at lifetime weight. I dreamt that I would be thinner now, with more control over my appetite and pants size. I imagined I would be going to meetings for free and being offered a leader job to help other people lose weight. However, at my own pace (the most diplomatic way to say) I have managed to keep off 30+ pounds for almost a year now. So in the face of negativity, I have found something to be proud of.

I can think of what 33 pounds of hamburger meat looks like. Or a toddler. And while I still have more to lose, I think a toddler is a lot to keep off.


Laurie said...

Good for you! So funny you reference losing a toddler - just last night I was telling my husband that I had lost an entire Stefanie. Stefanie is my 7yo niece and she's a waif-like 46 pounds. I can pick her up and carry her around for a few minutes, but I don't know how I carried that extra 46 pounds around for many years of my life, 24/7. I literally cannot remember what that felt like - and yet it was only 5 months ago that the extra 46 lbs was a part of me. I'm on WW too and I still have almost 80lbs to go before I reach goal. While I'd love to think I will keep losing 2-3 lbs a week until I hit goal, I know things will stall and there will be times... weeks, maybe even months, where the scale doesn't budge, no matter how religiously I track my points and enthusiastically I stick to my cardio and strength training regimen at the gym. I know it will happen and I welcome it in a way - holding steady is still better than gaining it all back.

fattygetsfit said...

yes. i think someone gets it. i wish i had other words but thats all i got right now.

congrats to you for losing 46 and keeping it off! it's amazing!!! and keep up the hard work. hold on to that gung ho attitude as long as you can....i am trying to rekindle mine

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

thats definately something to be proud. I cant picture 30 pounds of hamburger meat, but i can imagine carrying a toddler around all day, thank you.

Kelly Turner

fattygetsfit said...

i try to think of fun references for 30 pounds and toddler just seems fitting!

Tony said...

LOL. I love your french fries blog picture. Keeping 30 pounds off is a grand accomplishment.

MizFit said...

please come over and do my hair.

and paint my nails.

yes? you can carry around my toddler and wax nostalgic too!

auntie said...

This reminds me of the time on Biggest Loser (or maybe it was Celebrity Fit Club?) where they strapped weights on everyone that equalled the amount of weight they had lost and made them run around a track. Painful. How fab that you've kept that toddler off your back...and your hips and thighs, too!!