Thursday, December 11, 2008

oy vey!

I made my boyfriend a Hanukkah present

I know he doesn't read this, so I posted it to celebrate my craftiness. Adam likes hunting, as a sport. I like sleeping, as a sport. My semester of heck is officially OVA. Sunday begins my week of "No earning, no learning and no interning" aka my friggin vacation.

This upcoming week, I will finish holiday shopping and look for a new apartment. Without getting too graphic, I need to move out of here when my lease is up. I have had bouts of human waste exploding out of my shower drain into my tub. I have literally had some shit happen this week that I am not happy about. Add this, to the infestation of flies of the summer, the random stuff going wrong all of the time and....well, I think you're all smart enough to know what I mean.

I am weighing in tomorrow, after a week of half way decent food-i-tude. I am already exhausted from beginning to slow down. I didn't think that would be possible, but alas, it is true. I am reading a book called "The Power of Now" about Buddhism to enlighten myself during my break. Got it from an LMSW from my internship who said the book helped change his life. It seems a little hokey, but I respect his opinion, so I'll give it a try.

goodnight :-)


tokaiangel said...

aha! I have read this book you speak of. It IS hokey but some of it actually works. It's all the "being present" stuff. I found it awesome in times of high stress or during bouts of depression and I still use some of the techniques now. It is basically a buddhist technique though, I wonder how much money that dude has made?

HIP HOORAY FOR HOLIDAYS!! Have a fantastic and beyond well-earned break :0)

TA x

Tricia said...

Sorry the apartment situation is so bad, but at least you get a break. It sounds like you need a vacation.

MizFit said...

good luck apt hunting. you need OUTOUTOUT of there STAT huh?

and Ive not read the power of now yet. it's on my list but I,too, feared it was way too hokey for my tastes.
it isnt?