Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i'm alive

I am currently cooking myself a rice & black bean burrito for dinner, whilst I attempt to begin a 7-12 page term paper due tomorrow night.

And writing to you.

This last week has been hectic. Stress isn't officially over until 7:15 PM on 12/9/08 when I hand in my last term paper for the semester. I cannot believe I made it through an entire semester of craziness!

This week I'm down 1.6 whole pounds and I don't know how that happened, but I'll take it. And run with it.


I was thinking about quitting WW and doing it all myself but today at weigh in, I talked with the WW leader and we have officially revised my final weight to a goal that more reflects where I really want to be. And so, with great pleasure and relief, I present you with my new lifetime membership goal weight:

150 lbs


Mandapants said...

I'm oh-so-PROUD and oh-so-HAPPY that you are, well, happy. :)

Kudos, kiddo. You have survived/are surviving what sounds like basically the craziest semester ever.


tokaiangel said...

You're unstoppable!!

So happy for you.

TA x

MizFit said...

go you woman!

youre surviving and succeeding.



auntie said...

you ROCK!! great job on the 1.6 pounds :)

carla said...

checking in checking in...all ok?