Monday, June 23, 2008

the decadence list

Non-scale victory of the day: Instead of eating Adam's left over General Tso's chicken (1 cup = 15 points) not counting the pork fried rice. I shelled out $10 and bought a salad with chicken, strawberries, walnuts and blue cheese instead. Even though the points for the salad itself was still kind of high, I felt better eating MORE food, HEALTHIER food and passing up on something I didn't really want anyways. General Tso= poison, delicious, awful poison.

I've been stalking this website MizFit for a little while now. She's got some pretty good ideas & information for those of us looking to "healthify" our lives. Today's entry had an idea for a decadence list, where you carry around this list of non-eating/non-food things that make you feel good, special, loved and taken care of. You pull out the list every time you're tempted to eat from emotions, boredom or both.

I thought about MY list while I went for a 35 minute stroll outside. I got pooped on by a bird. THAT is certainly not on my decadence list....

But this is what is, in no particular order:
  1. getting a back massage
  2. falling asleep in Adam's armpit
  3. watercolor painting (or at least trying to)
  4. when the leaves turn orange and red in the fall (dying leaves are so gorgeous!)
  5. holding babies and kissing their little cheeks
  6. getting honked/whistled at when I'm out walking or running
  7. smelling Adam's shoulder when I hug him
  8. speaking to a friend i haven't heard from in awhile
  9. having a full social calendar
  10. getting good grades on papers i worked hard on in graduate school
  11. arts & crafts projects
  12. having someone ask me to listen/give advice
  13. shoe shopping! or any shopping for that matter
  14. looking at the river, or any body of water
  15. reading a good book on a sunny day
  16. a song that has a good memory attached to it
I think that about does it. Time for dinner, a shower and Intervention on A & E

1 comment:

MizFit said...

damn woman---Im impressed!

you took the idea and ran with it.

kudos to you.