Sunday, June 22, 2008

good golly, miss molly

Today's entry comes on a warm summer afternoon. I am sweaty from lifting at the gym plus the heat/humidity. I could really go for a cold refreshing beer. Instead, I will fold my laundry.

Here is a picture of me and my friends on Thursday evening, drinking some beers at ALIVE @ 5. It was fun. My friend Kathleen ate a sausage onion and pepper thing. I wanted one too. Drinking typically equals bad choices for me. I decided against it and came home and baked french fries with seasoning on them instead. Sadly, the french fries didn't taste like sausage & peppers on a roll but I was drunk, so they tasted just fine anyways.

Friday was an off day, because we celebrated Adam's birthday for dinner. And I had mexican for lunch. Before bed time, I did 20 mins of my Pilates DVD, and I got a sticker for my chart. Because 20 mins automatically counts as exercise to me.

Here is a photo of me and my best friend Alexis. Alexis is going to have a baby any day now. At her baby shower this weekend, I only had 1 slice of pizza, some broccoli with bleu cheeeeese dressing to dip with (mmmmm) and some cake. Then I drove back to my boyfriend's house and swam in his older sister's pool. While Adam wrestled his niece, I swam mini-laps of breast stroke, did leg circles and used the floatie noodles for resistance in the water. I gave myself a sticker when I got home this morning for just making an effort to exercise. Although I believe I did the swimmy thing for at least 20 mins.

I also made the banner on my cell phone say "It's just food..." to remind myself that food is stupid. Food is for nourishment. It is not bad to enjoy food, but to put emotions or boredom into eating is something I am working to avoid. It's weird realizing only now, the issues I had (have?) with food.

I leave you, with robot butt:

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MizFit said...

love the post.
love the sticker idea.

lottsa love.